Camper English

Camper English | Toronto Cocktail Conference
Camper English is an international cocktails and spirits writer and educator. His work has appeared in Popular Science, Cook’s Science, Whisky Advocate, Saveur, Details, LA Times Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine, SevenFifty Daily, and many other publications. His websites are and

He is a popular speaker at cocktail conventions and has given seminars on everything from the science of water to prehistoric cocktail technology to the relationship between bugs and booze.
Camper has a background in physics, and with his visits to more than 130 distilleries, blending houses, and bodegas in over twenty countries, has become an authority on the science behind spirit production and cocktail creation. Of all his work, Camper is probably best known for pioneering the “directional freezing” technique with which many thousands of people now make clear ice for their homes and bars.

Camper was the recipient of a 2018 Tales of the Cocktail Foundation grant to build, a website dedicated to safer techniques and ingredients behind the bar.

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