Katherine Boushel

Katherine Boushel | Toronto Cocktail Conference

After leaving the restaurant and bar industry for a career in government and public relations for nearly a decade, Kate Boushel’s passion for local flavours, spirits and cocktails, as well as her natural inclination towards the art of hospitality brought her back to bartending. Since her return to the industry, she has had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the best bartenders in Canada while working the wood at notable Montreal bars such as Le Mal Necessaire and the Atwater Cocktail Club, and by competing on a global and national scale for industry competitions such as Marie Brizard Masters, Diageo World Class, Bombay’s Most Imaginative Bartender, and Speed Rack. In 2017, her cocktail, The Dominion, was named Canada’s Next Great Cocktail by EnRoute Magazine and in 2019, nominated Bartender of the Year at Les Lauriers de la Gastronomie.

Resourceful and creative, she has since managed to combine her past experiences and academic achievements with her passion for the craft by creating her position as Beverage & Education Director with the Barroco Group, which includes the Atwater Cocktail Club, Milky Way Cocktail Bar, Foiegwa & Fugazzi. Along with it and her wealth of experience, she strives to give back and help build a stronger and healthier community through mentoring, fundraising, and knowledge-sharing.

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