Trevor Kallies

Trevor Kallies | Toronto Cocktail Conference

Since 2010, Trevor has been at the helm of the Bar & Beverage program at the Donnelly Group, overseeing the menus and profitability close to 20 locations around Vancouver & Toronto for beer, wine and cocktails. He has pioneered one of the strongest craft beer programs in Canada, created award winning cocktail lists and has been responsible for implementing company-wide training programs on service, product knowledge and cost of sales. Trevor has competed in and won multiple cocktail and drink competitions around the world including Craft of Cointreau, the Appleton Rum cocktail competition and the G’Vine Le GCP cocktail competition. In 2009, Trevor became a founding member of The Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association (CPBA). In 2011 Trevor became part of the Cocktail Apprentice Program (CAP) at the infamous Tales of the Cocktail in their first ever Tales on Tour in Vancouver. He has since been promoted to CAP Manager at the annual Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, where he helps manage a team of 60 global bartenders. In 2013, Trevor was elected the President of the BC Chapter of the CPBA and maintains that role today. Trevor has worked with Science of Cocktails as part of the organizational committee since its inception in 2016, helping to coordinate a team of 70+ volunteer bartenders and hospitality industry professionals, create science-based cocktails and ensure the event maintains high guest value at low cost.