Trash Panda: Sam Kirk (Montreal)

Sam Kirk | Toronto Cocktail Conference

Hailing from way down under, Copacabana in Australia, international bartending sensation Sam cut his teeth in the dives and nefarious drinking houses of East London. His time involved moonlighting as a bathtub gin distiller and part time chemist. Returning triumphantly home to Sydney, Sam felt that a spell of the books bartending was in order. He then learnt the most important lessons in bartending; how to make a pun for every cocktail name and how to make 15 espresso martinis in one go. No man to rest on his laurels, Sam decided he wanted the world, and adventure, and to see what it’s like to make a cocktail at -30 celsius. Montreal is now his home. You can find him in the depths of the Coldroom, since early 2017, churning out all sorts of wild libations.

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