Laura Louise Green

Laura Louise Green | Toronto Cocktail Conference

Laura Louise Green, LPC is a psychotherapist, organizational consultant, and the founder of Healthy Pour. After working in creative, professional, and precarious industries for two decades, Laura utilizes her knowledge and skills as a trained mental health professional to facilitate training, growth, and healing within the workplace – hoping to create safe and healthy environments.

Shortly after receiving her license to practice as a psychotherapist, Laura turned her sights on the hospitality industry and the death of Anthony Bourdain prompted the industry to listen, so she provided free psychoeducation to the community at large. This psychoeducation eventually transformed and evolved into Healthy Pour, a consultancy that helps organizations and professional communities address issues of well-being in the workplace. Since then, Healthy Pour has expanded to service all workspaces and industries, with a fondness for creative, high-pressure, and precarious careers and working environments.

Laura’s work is rooted in employing evidence-based interventions and theory through a critical lens. Her research interests are socio-emotional stress at work (burnout, imposter syndrome, etc.) and trauma’s influence on career decisions in precarious, creative industries. She studied at DePaul University, earning a Master of Education in community counseling, and is currently studying for a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London in the Birkbeck Business School with plans to continue her academic career in occupational health and well-being. Laura still provides free seminars for the hospitality industry.

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