De’Qustay Johnson (Atlanta)

De'Qustay Johnson | Toronto Cocktail Conference

When people think of a good bartender, several attributes come to mind, great-tasting drinks, vast knowledge, and not skimping on alcohol. De’Qustay possesses these qualities and more. A veteran mixologist with over ten years of experience, she is enthusiastic about locally sourced, fresh ingredients and providing friendly and engaging customer service.

De’Qustay is a licensed bartender. After working as a bartender in restaurants for several years, she realized this was her life’s passion. She started De’QustayJ Cocktails in 2019, focusing on carefully crafted and unique cocktails/mocktails, and bartending services. Her company has grown tremendously, and she expanded to include more services. With this, in 2022 she rebranded to Mobile Bar ATL and has a team of talented and knowledgeable bartenders ready to serve you.

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