Eder Sanchez (Toronto)

Eder Sanchez | Toronto Cocktail Conference

Immigrated from Toluca, Mexico in 2011 with the dream of being a chef. I started cooking at a golf course, as the winter approached, I forced to find another job. While trying to find my dream kitchen job I took a course at a bartending school because my dad was a bartender and he strongly encouraged me to, J immediately fell in love with it. I started bar backing at a night club downtown Toronto part time as well as service bartending for a chain steak house where I really sunk my feet into all these bottles of spirits and liqueurs I’d never seen in Mexico and so I made it a mission to learn where they all came from and how they’re made. Soon I realized chain restaurants weren’t for me since I wanted to expand my creativity with cocktails and work with chefs dishes to come up with ideas.  U got a job at Los Colibris, the upscale Mexican restaurant at the time in 2015 and I really started to take pride in my culture and took the responsibility to advocate for Mexican spirits. Los Colibris really supported my Mexican spirits education and so I made it a new mission to learn more and teach people about them.  In 2018 I attended a Mezcal tasting where I made an amazing acquaintance and shortly was asked to be part of the opting team at Quetzal, where I still call home. Since then however, I’ve been lucky to be part of another amazing Mexican restaurant opening (La Bartola) and as well as 1Hotel. I also gave the Brand Ambassador job a shot and worked with Herradura Tequila and Woodford Reserve but soon realize my true passion laid behind the bar, so you can find him at Quetzal again.
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