Kat Saulnier (Toronto)

Kat Saulnier | Toronto Cocktail Conference

Kat emerged into the hospitality world at the age of 17 when she landed her first bartending job at a local hunting club in small-town Tweed, Ontario. After a few years of cracking bottles and pouring whiskey-cokes she developed an itch to explore beyond the borders of Tweed and experience the world. This desire led her to pursue a career in bartending, a profession that would allow her to travel and immerse herself in different cultures.

Through her journey, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from the diverse ingredients and techniques she has encountered. Her experiences have shaped her into a passionate and creative bartender – seeking to bring a taste of the world to her guests through her craft.

She appreciates the art of storytelling and listening, drawing on her small-town roots to engage with patrons on a personal level and make them feel at home.

Her humble beginnings have taught her the value of community and the power of genuine human connection, which she brings to her interactions behind the bar, creating a memorable and inviting experience for all of her patrons. You can now find her at the lovely Bar Mordecai at the heart of Dundas and Ossington Toronto, Ontario.