Seminar: Public Speaking for the Working Bartender

Bartending has always been a profession that has incorporated a level of comfort with the spoken word as well as a bit of performance. After the first few months, the average bartender is well at ease with guests, spinning stories and portraying information. But, for many, this same skill starts to falter when taken away from their normal service behind the bar. It could be during a competition, a job interview, a performance evaluation, seminar presentation or a brand pitch…many of the most captivating of bartenders find those same presentation skills to be elusive when they step from behind the bar.

In this seminar, Kate and Christina will pull from our past careers/lives – as a PR professional and competitive public speaker/debater respectively – as well as our current roles as active hosts and educators in hospitality. The goal will be for anyone at any phase of their bartending career to leave with tangible, practical tips for clear/effective communication with a heightened sense of confidence. We will also incorporate a run down of helpful necessary terminology for (business meetings and how to use it) , specifically as it applies to hospitality. The focus of this seminar will be on in-person presentations but we will also touch on tips for virtual settings such as job interviews. This will not be a seminar around social media or personal branding.

August 12 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:30 (1h)

South Lounge

Christina Veira, Kate Boushel