Spirited Seminar: Tarsier and the forgotten Filipino influence on cocktails and spirits

The seminar idea is to share, through a series of gin tastings and discussion with Sherwin, the long history of the contribution of Filipinos to the evolution and innovation of spirits and cocktail culture, from the distillation of Mezcal in the 1600s via the Trans Pacific slave trade, to the success of Tiki culture at The Beachcomber in LA in the 1930s. We want to celebrate Southeast Asian flavours, toast to the multicultural spirit and Filipino community of Toronto, and share how Tarsier is creating and showcasing authentic Asian flavours for mixologists and enthusiasts around the world.

Tarsier is a brand rooted in Southeast Asia and headquartered in Manchester UK, with a Filipino co-founder (Sherwin Acebuche), and a range of beautiful and on-trend Asian flavour combinations. The company is named for the Philippine tarsier, one of the world’s smallest primates, characterized by its small stature and big eyes. The Philippine tarsier perfectly embodies the company’s vision – small batch spirits with big flavour and personality. Tarsier’s mission is to raise awareness for these amazing creatures and help to protect them – 10% of their profits go to conservation efforts in Southeast Asia.

August 12 @ 14:00
14:00 — 15:00 (1h)


Sherwin Acebuche