Post Shift Podcast with Shawn Soole

During TOCC 2019, we hosted Shawn Soole and his Post Shift Podcast. Below are the episodes that came from it.

Episode: Josh Lindley of TOCC and Bartender Atlas

Episode: Thank you TOCC

Episode 1: Matt Jones, the Whisk(e)y Chef

Episode 2: James Grant

Episode 3: Micah Melton

Episode 4: Trevor Kallies

Episode 5: Paul Clarke

Episode 6: Kelsey Ramage

Episode 7: Joaquin Simo

Episode 8: Christine Sismondo & Stephen Beaumont

Episode 9: Shaun Bryne

Episode 10: Dr Andrew Toplack

Episode 11: Camper English

Episode 12: Shane Beehan

Episode 13: Jayce Noals