Erin Rose

Erin Rose | Toronto Cocktail Conference

Erin Rose started out bartending in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico (sure, she knows how to make a Sex with an Alligator) and ended up at Hard Water and Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco (no more Sex with an Alligator). She got sick of drinking great American whiskeys all the time, so she moved to another hemisphere to escape them. Erin is now the “executive bartender” for the 12 bars of Grupo Takami. Their newest bar and her baby is Segundo was recently featured in Travel & Leisure as one of four standout bar/restaurants to visit in Bogotá. Despite complicated liquor importation, a sad lack of absinthe and maraschino, and a government booze monopoly, Erin loves Bogotá. Did she mention the nocturnal herb market? And, hey, if you want to open a REAL speakeasy, Bogotá might be just the place.

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