Megan McCarthy

Megan McCarthy | Toronto Cocktail Conference

Meg McCarthy has been a classical vocalist for over 10 years, studying at the Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY) and the University of Toronto for vocal performance. Her original plans were to continue her studies and dive into a career of classical singing, however she found a real passion for cocktails and the hospitality industry in Toronto while subsidizing her education. Although her career path has changed, the amount she uses her voice has not. As bartenders and hospitality workers we are constantly speaking (or shouting) for extended periods of time. After juggling a full time course load and a full time work schedule, Meg has run into her fair share of vocal issues. These struggles encouraged her to learn as much as she could about the human voice and led her towards an interest in vocal health and vocal hygiene, as well as many sessions with fantastic vocal health specialists and speech pathologists. When she is not nerding out over the voice, you can find her singing along to all of the songs at Track & Field or at DaiLo here in Toronto.

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