2020 TOCCC Seminars

With the cancelation of TOCC 2020 due to the global pandemic, we created a series of webinars, Toronto Cocktail Conference Call, that took place every Tuesday in August. All of these webinars are now available for online viewing. Links and information can be found below.

Tuesday, August 4th


On Purpose presented by Earlecia Gibb

In a world where we spend more time honing steps of service than paying attention to what sustains us as conscious creatives, how does one find their purpose in this industry… in life? This workshop helps you align your career flow with your personal desires by fusing fundamental branding principles, reflective self-discovery strategies, and insightful best practices from industry trailblazers.

This is a focused, interactive, hands-on workshop and an alternative to traditional presentation/panel style seminars. After each principle is presented, attendees are given an exercise and then prompted for discussion. All participants will receive a workbook prior to the webinar and follow up resources to continue the journey after the session. The principles we will work through are:

Principle #1 Start from the Bottom… (Now We’re Here)
We take inventory and leverage those valuable experiences and dormant skills buried on the dusty resumes from past lives.
Exercise- Journey Chart

Principle #2: Define your Designated Drivers
We align what you do with your hands + the values in your heart + the dreams in your head
Exercise- Conscious Goal-Digging

Principle #3 Slay your Claim
We articulate your core differentiators and clearly communicate your competitive edge.
Exercise-Unique Power Positioning

Principle #4 Cultivate your Crew
We finely tune the various roles needed to build our support systems and grow our community.
Exercise-Network/worth Map

Sponsored by St-Germain


Tuesday, August 11th

Experience Design: How Creative Use of Space Is Good For Employees, Guests and Profits presented by Julia Segal

Good experience design is good for everyone. Employees, guests, and the business all benefit from a well-thought out space. It matters whether you’re in a position to build a bar from scratch, or just want to understand how to tweak your space to be both welcoming and efficient. Thinking through your space using an experience design lens can improve employee and customer experience, as well as productivity for the business. We’ll talk about space planning, smallwares, low cost changes, and ways to audit and make changes where you work that are better for everyone.

Sponsored by Santa Teresa 1796.


Tuesday, August 18th

Inclusivity Increases Profit presented by Cocktail Bandits

Good help has always been hard to find, but great hires may be missing from your radar. The Cocktail Bandits outline the importance of actively recruiting BIPOC to create a more vibrant and comprehensive bar environment. By setting deliberate intentions to hire the best and diverse staff, you’ll be able to leverage your staff to help you with a wide array of marketing messaging and events that can appeal to a much larger audience. Learn the ways to attract qualified BIPOC and increase your guest counts.

Sponsored by Grey Goose.


Tuesday, August 25th

Toronto the Gay: Cocktail Bars and Beer Parlours of the 1950s and 1960s presented by Christine Sismondo

This virtual walking tour of Toronto’s lost and forgotten gay bars will explore all the mid-century drag balls and glory holes along Yonge, Dundas, Queen and King streets. Although the history of these bars isn’t widely known, they were sites of refuge and resistance for many trying to navigate the dangers of being queer in postwar Canada. They also helped the community build a network that would wind up staging a significant protest in Toronto over police brutality in 1981.

Sponsored by Bacardi.