Get Involved

So, you want to get involved in TOCC 2019? We would love to have your submission for our consideration! Below are forms for three ways that you can get involved: doing a seminar, being a Trash Panda (TOCC Hands-on Helper) or running an Event/Activation.

Submissions to get involved with TOCC 2019 opened on January 7th and closed on March 1st. 

We are blown away by the amount of  submissions that we have received from all of you to get involved with TOCC 2019! Your enthusiasm is encouraging us that we are doing something that our community truly craves and needs. We will be spending the month of March going through all of the submissions. Choosing which ones we have space for is not going to be an easy task. Wish us luck! 

We are overwhelmed and super excited about the conference and this is thanks to all of you.


Toronto Cocktail Conference
Toronto Cocktail Conference is focused on education and on building an inclusive community. We are looking to have a wide range of seminar submissions to educate our attendees about the widest range of topics possible. Think: management techniques, physical/social health and wellness, practical applications for working behind a bar, cultural histories of drinking, bartending philosophy, etc. We are NOT looking for brand specific vertical tastings.

For your seminar submission, please keep in mind these pillars that we have created as the base of TOCC:
P ractical
U nderstanding
N ew and innovative ideas
C ommunity
H istory

In terms of community, we want our speakers to truly be a participant in TOCC. Meaning, we want you to spend time at the conference hanging out. We are not looking for speakers to do their seminar and then immediately leave the building.