**Due to the global pandemic, TOCC 2020 has been postponed. We look forward to see you all in 2021. Please follow our Instagram for all of the latest updates.**

TOCC is an annual conference with education aimed at bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts and the cocktail curious. TOCC began in 2018 and is the largest conference of its kind in Canada. The focus of TOCC is education. Throughout the three days there will be eighteen seminars presented by international, national and local leaders in the industry. There is also a whole lot of fun in with all the learning including plenty of Pop-Ups, tastings and fun activations. The focus of the seminars at TOCC is PUNCH:

New Concepts
Care for Yourself

Toronto Cocktail Conference is co-created by four of us: Gord Hannah, Jon Humphrey and Jessica Blaine Smith and Josh Lindley of Bartender Atlas.

Toronto Cocktail Conference
Jon Humphrey, Gord Hannah, Jessica Blaine Smith, Josh Lindley

GORD HANNAH | Gord is the Head Bartender & Cocktail Ambassador For the Drake Properties. He has worked with the Drake for 14 years, first as a bartender, and then as part of the opening teams for Drake One Fifty, The Drake Devonshire, Drake Commissary and the upcoming Drake Minibar. As a working bartender since 1992, he has watched the cocktail scene grow around the world and has seen what was once a part time job evolve into to a viable and well respected career. Education and hospitality are the pillars of his brand and is looking forward to bringing these ideals to everyone who participates in the Toronto Cocktail Conference. Find him on Instagram.

JESSICA BLAINE SMITH | Jessica is definitely the most technologically-inclined of our bunch and her Virgo nature keeps us on track. She co-created Bartender Atlas with her bartender husband Josh Lindley and she is a full-time photographer. In her professional life, she documents the lives of others. Her camera has taken her all over this beautiful world from Cuba to Trinidad to France to New Zealand and Australia. Her clients include everyday people as well as big corporations such at Tangerine, IMCO, Ryerson University and CBC. While not a bartender herself, she definitely loves a strong cocktail, preferably one that is brown and/or smokey. She also loves poutine, pilates, other peoples’ children and, of course, sitting at all of your bars. Find her on Instagram.

JON HUMPHREY | Jon Humphrey is an industry veteran in Toronto and has been working in bars and restaurants for over twenty years. He has held the title of Corporate Beverage Manager at the ever-growing Drake Hotel Properties and their expansions for close to a decade. This role has allowed him to be a key player in the evolution of many of Toronto’s best industry professionals. Notoriously camera shy, Humphrey has tirelessly worked behind the scenes with brands, businesses and charities to better the life of the working Toronto bartender. He has volunteered with various entities and has contributed to the first incarnation of Cocktail Week, The Bartenders Benevolent Fund and the Toplack Sessions, just to name a few. His hope is that by empowering bartenders with education, resources and a generous dose of his own time and hard work, the Toronto cocktail scene ascends to a global stage. For Jon, its part work, but mostly it’s for the sheer love of the game and giving back to the people he gets to work with. Find him on Instagram.

JOSH LINDLEY | Josh is co-founder of Bartender Atlas with his wife Jess. He has been bartending in Toronto since 2007. In that time he has watched the city grow from drinking slushee Cosmopolitans into crisp creations made from locally grown ingredients. He still likes beer though. Before working for Hendrick’s Gin as a Brand Ambassador he was bar manager at Campagnolo and a hired gun at Bar Isabel. He has contributed to many magazines, tv shows and newspapers with his recipes and opinions. Currently pouring at Chantecler, he enjoys being an ambassador to Toronto and talking about horror movies and music. Find him on Instagram.