Avery Glasser

Avery Glasser | Toronto Cocktail Conference
Photo by Ryan Flood

Avery Glasser is co-founder of Portland-based Bittermens where he focuses on creating and producing new modifiers for the cocktail community.

A dedicated barfly, Avery was invited to a bitters making event while living in San Francisco in 2007. His first attempt at making a flavor combination resulted in what is now the Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters. After requests from bartenders across the country for these bitters, he and his wife, Janet, formed Bittermens. and set off to launch a unique line of bitters, focusing on new combinations of flavors that would help enable bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts to make cocktails that couldn’t be made before. In 2017, Bittermens became part of the Sazerac family of companies with Avery and Janet still at the helm.

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